Pro Format

Entries are open to anyone with minimum of a current Personal Best of 3@10.75m for Men and 1@11.25m for Women.
Entries will be prioritized based on the ranking list “October 2021”

We will accept a maximum of 25 Men and 25 Women
We reserve the right to change these if one category has a waiting list and the other has not filled up

These rules are the Head to Head format by Waterski Pro Tour

Qualifying Rounds


There will be two qualifying rounds in which skiers attempt to qualify for the 8
person final. Each skier will ski both rounds

Initial Seeding

The first round will be seeded based on the most recent Pro Leaderboard (found at If a skier does not have any current year points, or it
is the first event of the season, the previous years Pro Ranking will be used. Any skiers
without Pro Points in the current or previous year will be seeded based on the most
recent IWWF Dynamic Ranking List.


The second round will be reseeded according to the first round scores. If there are ties in
the first round, seeding for the second round will be determined by initial seeding of tied

Qualifying Method

The final will be made up of the skiers with the top 8 scores from either of the 2
qualifying rounds.


If two or more skiers are tied for best score, the superior backup score from the other
round will be used to organise seeding or, for non-finalists, final position.

Perfect Ties for Finalists

If two or more skiers who qualify for finals are tied in both rounds, seeding for the final
will be determined according to initial seeding of tied skiers.

Perfect Tie For Last Spot(s) in Finals

If a perfect tie exists for the last finals spot(s) there will be a run-off between all tied
skiers. The order for the run-off will be determined by drawing lots on the dock with all
affected skiers present. Each skier will leave the dock on the last completed line length
and ski until they fall or miss. In the event of a tie in the run-off there will be a second run
off with the skiers continuing in the same order and starting at the most recent
(uncompleted) pass. Skiers will run off in this manner until there is a clear winner.

More Than Two Skiers in Run Off

If there are more than two skiers running off for multiple spots in the final, the skiers who
achieve the superior scores in the run-off will advance to the final. The qualifying skier
with the best score in the run-off will be seeded higher than the qualifying skier with the
second best score, and so on down the order. If there is a tie for two or more skiers who
qualify for the final, seeding for the final will be determined according to the 1st round
starting list. The final placement of any tied skiers who do not qualify for the final will be
determined by their scores in the run-off.


Two ropes may be rotated during qualifying to save time but it is critical they are the
same length.

Drivers Must Stay in One Boat

Each driver shall drive one boat and not change throughout the event qualifying and

Head-to-Head Finals

Head-to-Head Order (for Men and Women events)
  • Women’s 8-skier bracket (min. start: 14.25m)
  • Men’s 8-skier bracket (min. start: 13m)
  • Women’s 4-skier bracket (min. start: 13m)
  • Men’s 4-skier bracket (min. start: 12m)
  • Women’s 2-skier bracket (min. start: 13m)
  • Men’s 2-skier bracket (min. start: 12m)
Head-to-Head Table and Order of Pairings
Skiers’ Choice of Order or Boat

The higher seeded skier in each pair will get to choose either to ski first/ second or
driver/boat. The lower seeded skier will have the choice that the higher seeded skier did
not decide upon.
Eg. Higher seeded skier chooses to go first, lower seeded skier must choose the boat they
want to ski behind.

2nd Must Beat 1st Skier to Advance in Quarter and Semi Final Head to Head Rounds

The skier starting second off the dock will have to beat the score of the first skier in order
to beat them and qualify for the next head-to-head round.

Placements 3rd to 8th place

Positions 5th to 8th and 3rd to 4th will be determined by best losing score in the first and
second head-to-head bracket respectively. A tie for best losing score in either the Last 8
or Semi Final will be broken with regards to seeding going into the Head-to-Head (best
score out of round 1 and 2. In the semi final scores in the Head-to-Head round will not
count as back up scores). If there is a perfect tie between skiers (ties during losing
Head-to-Head round and both qualifying rounds) the Pro Points and the prize money will
be equally split.

Head-to-Head Final Pair

Skiers’ Choice of Order or Boat

Top seeded skier gets to pick to ski first/second or driver/boat.

One Skier Must Beat The Other To Win

The skier with the superior score in the Final will win the event. Only a superior score
can win the event with ties resulting in skiers skiing again. In the event of a tie, skiers will
be taken back to the same end of the lake and will enter the course at the most recent
uncompleted pass. The skiers will ski until there is a clear winner from a superior score
being achieved.


Pro MenPro Women

Amateur Format

(maximum of 50 amateur skiers across categories)
Amateur skiers will ski three rounds, with two on Friday and the third round on Sunday morning.
Skiing order will be according to age groups. Starting with the youngest skiers, followed by Senior and Open. Running orders will be randomized for first round and kept equal for the next two rounds.
The best score out of the three rounds will be compared to a handicap score. The handicap will be 6 buoys less than the skier’s Top performance from the 2021 season.
For example, if someone’s 2021 top performance is 3@12m and the score is 2@12m, then he or she will have 5 points.


Practice rounds will be available at €40 per set (6 passes).

Practice sets can be booked by following this link